Handicap and Automatic Door Openers Overview

01/14/2016 10:05

Households having aged members or a person with limited mobility in the family are always keen to make the life of such affected persons as convenient as it can be possible. Yet, sometimes it is not possible to extend the needed help at the required time. Consider the simple action of closing or opening a door. Thankfully, now the handicapped or disabled persons need not depend on the help from others, as manufacturers have come up with especially designed doors for them, which they can use independently.


The automatic door opener, a modern and very useful device, facilitates the closing and opening of doors. It is of great help to handicapped or persons with limited mobility, who may find it too difficult or nearly impossible to close or open any door manually.


Handicapped door openers can be installed at residential, as well as commercial buildings. Their operation requires electric current, and these items come with various optional accessories. Some designs contain a unit for opening or closing a door that generally offers some resistance on being used physically. Others are designed to open the door only and would need a separate door- closer on the other side for closing it. The benefit of such a design is the fact that the user doesn't face any resistance when manually operating the door.


Generally, electric door openers come with wall switches. These may be wireless or wired; else the doors can be operated by handheld remotes. The wall switch is suitably installed to remain within the easy reach of the user, who simply needs to press the button for operating the door. Handheld remotes also work in the same manner.


Remote openers are frequently being offered with an electric strike latch. Such a lock would unlatch the door when getting a signal. Usually, it is wired to the opener, and therefore the two operations take place simultaneously.


Other than remotes and switches, available accessories include a keypad. This is coded individually to send a signal for opening the door when entering the right code. Some doors are designed to work with swipe cards, as it is often the practice in hotels.


Though such doors are designed to operate on electric current, it is possible to open them manually when there is any power failure. However, the handicapped should be able to do that on their own or should have assistance available with them. Some manufacturers provide doors with battery backups, which operate the door automatically for a number of operations, until the power supply gets restored.


Many companies extend a complete package of their product with a range of accessories. Such offers not only make the prices very attractive for the buyers,but also make it convenient to select all the accessories required.


Handicap door closers make a great addition for residential complexes, and they may be used for commercial complexes as well, simply by installing the right kind of equipment.